November 25, 2014 – Entangled Teen

“Debut author Kuper’s sleek prose—saturated with pop-culture references—invites both nerds and the uninitiated into the world of the Oculi.

… great twists and the positive message that reality is ours to shape.”

~Kirkus Reviews on Anomaly

Reality is only an illusion.

Except for those who can control it…

Worst. Birthday. Ever.

My first boyfriend dumped me – happy birthday, Josie!- my dad is who knows where, I have some weird virus that makes me want to hurl, and now my ex is licking another girl’s tonsils. Oh, and I’m officially the same age as my brother was when he died. Yeah, today is about as fun-filled as the swamps of Dagobah. But then weird things start happening…

Like I make something materialize just by thinking about it.

When hot badass Reid Wentworth shows up on a motorcycle, everything changes. Like, everything. Who I am. My family. What really happened to my brother. Existence. I am Oculi, and I have the ability to change reality with my thoughts. Now Reid, in all his hotness, is charged with guiding and protecting me as I begin learning how to bend reality. And he’s the only thing standing between me and the secret organization that wants me dead…

To sum it up: The Matrix meets Divergent in contemporary high school. Intrigue, action, romance with lots of hotties, and (understandable) quantum physics theories.


The conclusion to ANOMALY

releasing July 4, 2017 

Worst. Road Trip. Ever.

Escaping with Reid Wentworth should have been fun, but how can I enjoy it when I just (accidentally) killed someone, my mom and brother are in danger, and the Consortium is trying to enslave humanity? (Yeah, they aren’t fooling around.) So feeling something for Reid Wentworth was not part of the plan. Trying to help unite the Resistance against the Consortium means I can’t be distracted by hot boys.

The Resistance secret hideout isn’t exactly the rebel base of my dreams. A traitor there wants me dead, but we have no idea who it is. And with both the Resistance and the Consortium trying to control me, the only one I can trust is Reid. If we’re going to have any chance of protecting my family, controlling my unstable powers, and surviving the clash between the Oculi factions, I’m going to have to catch this traitor. By using myself as bait.

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  1. Hey Tonya,
    I just finished your book in a matter of 2 days, I absolutely loved it. I’m kind of upset I didn’t find it next year, because then I would at least have two books to read!! I am on a mission’s trip next year for the year, but any chance you could email me any sneak peeks of the second book when you start writing!

    • Hi Colleen, I love to hear that! Thank you so much for reading and enjoying ANOMALY! Will you have internet access? I will be giving some sneak peeks probably in around May or June. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give individual people any glimpses before then (some of that isn’t up to me either, but my publisher). Have fun and be safe on your mission trip!!!

  2. Anomaly was amazing! I just finished it and can’t wait for the next book. I thought this was an awesome book because it’s so different from everything else I have read. I also wanted to say I really liked the book cover! I also had a question for you when the 2nd book first comes out will it be in hardcover or paperback? Ok well I hope you write many more books so good luck on your writing. I am going to go and daydream about pushing French fries. Haha sorry that was cheesy.
    Thanks for a great read!
    – Jessica
    @xmikitaforever (twitter)

    • Jessica~ Thank you for reading and I’m SOOO happy to hear you enjoyed it!! The 2nd book, ENIGMA, will be out in paperback & ebook November, 2015! xo

      • I loved Anomaly! New, fresh, exciting possibilities. I also like your style and I love brainy J. Nothing worse than a dumb and naive protagonista. So sad to read that I’ll have to wait till at least November now!

  3. Oh my Thor! This book was amazing. I completely had myself lost in it. I couldn’t put this book down to save my life. I love the characters in this book. They were all new and not your ordinary characters. Just wow and all I have to say is thank you for such an amazing journey.😊

    • Giovanna! Thank YOU for reading and loving the story as much as I do!!! I love hearing this. Please find me on social media & say hi!!

  4. I justed loved the book and im too a marvel fan…….And im also a student of advanced physics

    • Oh my guardians of the galaxy!!! Shambhavi, this book was almost tailored to you then! Thank you so much for reading. Happy to hear you enjoyed it! 😉

  5. Hi Tonya!! I just finished Anomaly, and it has to be my favorite book, by far! I am obsessed with the characters (especially Reid) and the storyline. I am terribly upset that I have to wait 11 months for the next book in the series!! I will be counting down the days. I love your writing, and just wanted to say thank you for this amazing story!!

    • Taylor- YAAAYY!!! Thank YOU for reading and loving the story and characters! (I’m a bit obsessed with the characters, especially Reid, too ;D) This makes my heart happy. ❤

      • Thank you so much for replying to me!! I love you and your book! I got every referance and I loved it! Thank you so much :3

  6. I really loved Anomaly! It is one of the best books I’ve read in a while. You are totally my favorite author. Definitely getting ENIGMA when it comes out!

    • AAHHH! Lindsey, I LOVE hearing that!!! Thank you so much for reading & telling me you enjoyed it. Come find me on social media and say hi!

  7. The book was amazeballs!!!! I loved the book, the characters… I am also secretly hoping that Hannah doesn’t turn out to be the enemy(fingers crossed)…. I seriously wish I could time travel to read all of your upcoming books… Please do give some peeks on the upcoming books sooner rather than later… I can’t wait….😁 🙂

    • YAY!!! Vaildehi, I’m glad to hear you loved it!! Thank you for reading. ❤ I'll be able to give teasers *I think* in May probably. Hold tight!

  8. I loved anomaly, read it in just a few hours. I couldn’t put it down. So anxious for the second one to come out.

    • Kelsey, Thank you SO much for reading!!! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it! ❤

  9. This book was so fantastic! I’m far from a young adult and just like you to know that your reaching more than your target audience. I’m a research chemist and your science and dork quotes were on point! I’m super excited to read the next one. Thanks for writing this book. I know dorks everywhere will love this series. ::Vulcan salute::

  10. Anomaly was great. I am far from a young adult and just wanted you to know you’re reaching farther than your target audience. Also, the science and dork quotes were on point! (I’m an R&D Chemist) I know dorks everywhere will love this series. I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for writing such a clever an entertaining book. ::Vulcan salute::

    • EEEEE!!! I LOVE hearing this. Mountains of thank yous for reading, Penny!!! So glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  11. Hi Tonya! Thanks for writing such a great story! I would have never guessed you were a debut author, the story was very well written – well done! I thoroughly enjoyed it and very much look forward to the next instalment. I’m in my thirties and am an avid reader and am always looking for new books (especially ones in a series). I will make sure to review your book on Amazon and encourage others to read. Thanks again! 😃🐶 Did you see that – I just pushed a puppy!

    • Tania, thank you SOOOO much for reading and reaching out to me!!! I love to hear that you enjoyed it. 😀 And a million thank yous for a review on Amazon – they really help authors out!!! Love the Pushing, too. 😉 Can’t wait to see what you think about ENIGMA out in October!

  12. I absolutely loved ANAMOLY! I can’t wait till book 2 comes out. Where did you find the inspiration for your book? How did you come up with the Oculi? It makes a wonderful story line because no one else has done it!

  13. I just finished Anomaly, and I loved it. I’m a total geek for Star Wars and Star Trek and pretty much everything geeky, so I really appreciated all the references to superheros and quantum physics. I was a bit disappointed that the next book hasn’t come out yet, but it gives me something to look forward to in October! I can’t wait!

  14. I loved this book. I’d find time to read a couple chapters in bed before I slept. Caught up in the drama and adventure. And some of the unique takes on her powers later on? I was squeeling like a little girl ready for her to godmode the bad guys. Some of the twist and jaw dropping events took my breath away. I’m not normally a fan of a story with multiple voices, but you did it well and the adventure kept me on my toes and away from then voice changes. Every kiss, every scare, had me right there with them. I cried, laughed, and rooted for lil josie to kick buns! I look forward to book 2 and I cant wait to see what twist and turns come of it. It would be cool if a gay or lesbiam character was added to the mix as well.

    Keep me posted! I love your ideas, sassy attitude, and cute romance.

    I need an I.V. to this book series, stat!


  15. Apologies for the typos. Just finished the book and typing away partially out of it from exhaustion heh. Ninight

  16. Kudos on an amazing debut novel! I am a librarian who happens to be a young adult lit. junkie and I couldn’t even put it on the shelf before reading it. I love the combination of humor, intelligence, and kick-butt female protagonist. I can’t wait to read more!

  17. I finished the book Anomaly a few months ago, and ever since then i cant get my mind to stop thinking about your book. The way you connect the two characters Josie and Reid makes the story feel so real. I love the way you wright and honestly from the moment i picked up the book i couldn’t put it back down. I can not wait for the next book.

    • ENIGMA will be releasing fall 2016 so I’m not sure when my publisher will do a cover a reveal. Stay tuned though – it shouldn’t be too long!!! Thank you for reading!!! ❤

  18. Hi Tonya!
    I just finished your book (bought it 3 hours ago) and just couldn’t put it down! I am looking forward to reading ENIGMA, and the next if there is to be one. Thank you for sharing your imagination and joy of writing with the world. (it needs more authors like you)
    Thank you! ❤

  19. I just got done reading Anomaly and I was so scared there wasn’t going to be a second book! I was so relieved to sew there was a plan for it. I get so attached to my characters and I’m so excited to see what happens next. This will be a huge hit I’m certain. Keep doing what you do!

  20. Hey hey Tonya! I just got Enigma a few days ago and it’s killer. Loved the plot and the twist. I was so sure it was going to be someone closest to them (the mole), but at the same time i wasn’t! Haha. Still, great stuff. I loved all of it. Your writing is very relatable, and I just can’t help but notice how during the different POV’s you just know how to set character personalities apart and it’s a true gift. I loved reading Anomoly and I have not finished the Enigma novel yet but I would like to give my opinions anyway. So throughout the book I noticed it seemed a little rushed perhaps? Some scenes just kind of flew by, keeping me at the edge of my seat yes, but I feel like there could’ve been more. But there’s nothing really negative about the book. Me as a teen found a lot of these two books so relatable. Besides the fact that y’know, I’m not an Anomoly/Enigma. It was just so awesome to read. Looking forward to reading a third book if there even is one, or even a new series all together by you. Keep it up and listen to your gut.

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