Exciting News!

I’m still working out the kinks so, please, bear with me.
Some of you may have already heard my exciting news or read my post on my other/old blog,
but in case you haven’t…
I have a book deal with Entangled Teen!!!! 
ANOMALY, the first of three books in the Schrodinger’s Consortium Series,
a young adult science fiction trilogy based on quantum physics,
will hit shelves in November IN PRINT, with Liz Pelletier, publisher/editor of Entangled Publishing, as my editor!!
The blurb:
The world is not what it seems. What the general population thinks is reality, is an illusion. The forefathers of quantum physics, Schrodinger & Heisenberg, were on to something. A small percentage of people can create reality simply through the act of observation.
Josie Harper doesn’t believe it at first either. But then weird things happen – events she can’t explain or ignore.
When Reid Wentworth rides into town with his sexy smile and smart-ass attitude, talking of Anomalies and Pushing, Josie wants to push him right out of her life. But Reid’s training stints show Josie how right he is – and how much she needs him…in so many ways.
And now, their secret race in on the verge of civil war. Josie has to make some tough choices. Some of them could cost her life, some could cost all of humanity’s.
*I owe an enormous THANK YOU to Nicole Resciniti, my agent, and Liz Pelletier, my editor/publisher, for giving me, a debut author, the opportunity to make my dreams a reality.

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