ALA 2014, AKA: My 1st Signing

I was scared to death I wouldn’t have soul ask me to sign the excerpt ARC my publisher was giving away. Instead, I had the most memorable day ever!


A huge thank you to Mary Weber, Shannon Messenger, & Laini Taylor for making my first signing a day I will never forget. It was so awesome to meet someone I adored online (Mary), then for her to bring two of her YA rock star friends over for my big day.


A new friend caught the best pic of me. And yep – I totally yelled at Victoria Schwab as she passed in front of the booth while I signed. Because I’m a dork like that. David Levithan was ever gracious when he had on his editor hat. (Thank you to the gifted and hilarious Elizabeth Eulberg for being the excuse I used to introduce myself). Now, I think I have a crush on him. He is sweet and SO cute, besides being massively talented.



I also met the amazing Markus Zusak and thanked him for tweeting with me a year and half/two years prior when my book club was reading his book and encouraging me as an aspiring author. He glanced at my badge that said AUTHOR. I said, “I just had my first signing today. My debut comes out in November.” He asked the title and genre then asked how to spell ANOMALY. This is what he wrote in my book. He was incredibly humble and adorable.



Dawn Chartier, Rebecca Zanetti, Boone Brux, and me winning at Bingo. If you read adult romance, go read them. Heather Riccio makes $#!+ happen. I love her for so many reasons.


Beth Yarnell (adult romance, some of which is safe for teens), Heather Riccio (assist publisher), Nicole Steinhaus (editor), Karen Grove (editor), and Karri Thompson (YA author). Yes, I always take the best selfies, don’t I?

I got to spend time with such fun and genuinely good people from Entangled Publishing. Some were writers, some editors, and publishers. I’m beyond impressed with my publishing house, the passion of the people behind it, and the talent they embody. I laughed so much. A huge thank you to Liz Pelletier (publisher/editor), Heather Howland (publisher), Heather Riccio (assistant publisher), and Stacy Abrams (editorial director) for making it an awesome experience!



Fun & crazy cool writers, both adult and young adult. The gorgeous Brooklyn Skye (aka Nicole Steinhaus) with her YA novel, FRAGILE LINE – a gritty contemporary that will blow you away.



Kate Birch signing PERFECTED. The sweet and lovely editor Stacy Abrams.



10477376_10203488720994543_1385949250403265620_n  10492359_796531130366197_7719504789160829414_n

I met the hilarious Bethany Crandell and my first fan, Michelle Luker. (Thank you, Michelle. You flattered me.)


The Entangled Publishing conference and American Library Association Annual Conference was an absolute RIOT!


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