Review of Anomaly (Tonya Kuper)

love this review so hard!


After such a long long loooong time, I feel like I should be writing ‘Hello world!’ like when you usually start from scratch with web applications, this is the first thing you learn to do.

Web development joke aside, since I’ve started working, I really couldn’t find something in the Young Adult genre that was NOT filled with teen angst from beginning til end, so I kind of stopped reading for a while. I even broadened my scope to the entire fantasy world, but again, there weren’t many titles that entertained my imagination….

Until Amazon was so nice as to provide this title in my email!

*Be warned: I love science and this book has remnant information from said subject, therefor I will be geeking-out a bit, throwing in some concepts that might be foreign to you! So in the interest of not loosing my fellow-bloggers reading this, I urge…

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One Comment on “Review of Anomaly (Tonya Kuper)

  1. I feel so ashamed in my self. I the book/art/syfy/videogame nerd didn’t find your amazing book sooner.
    PLEASE keep me updated with any and all of your books!
    And keep writing I’ll always be reading

    Love Opal

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